Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Price is per person!

I'm so exhausted to work with the clients who think they can get a caricature of all their family plus distant cousins from photos for $25! You are ready to pay at TGIF $25 for a 6oz steak which you will digest and it will naturally leave your body forever! Why not get a personalized caricature that is a product of work by a talented artist (check our portfolios if you are not sure!) and will be in your family for years!
It's just ridiculous when people are asking for a discount because they "did not expect to spend so much for a characture" or they "have a tight budget"!  First of all, don't get it then. Second, do you try to get a bargain on anything you ever buy? Why us? Why artists? We don't want to deal with you! We want to do our job and get paid for it!
I'm at this point of my career when I don't want to spend my time politely and respectfully answering all your questions, catering to you, even giving you a discount or adjustment to my work just so you could dump me without a reply, just ignoring me, just leaving or telling me that I charge too much in your opinion! It is unfair, and I do not deserve it!
We don't have hidden fees like most companies you shop from. We put all the information right at our website and online store, so please read everything. Maybe you won't need to ask then. Or if you ask, please think of me as a person, and not as a machine that prints out original art!
I'm done!

Just an example of a request and the reply about the caricature the is $55 per person (pictures below):

"Hello I would like a caricature of my wife and I done. How much for one picture with the two of us on it? If you ate after a theme, maybe a farm with animals like goats etc.
Most of the others on eBay are much cheaper but I like your at better so would be in retested if you could come up with a competitive price."
"Sorry but $110 is to much for me"

 Original painting on hardboard. Drawn with graphite pencil and colored with acrylic paints, this custom piece of art will be made based on the photos of people who you want us to draw. Since the painting is made on hardboard and varnished with high gloss varnish that protects the artwork from UV damage and dust, it needs no framing. 
VERY IMPORTANT! The price for this item is PER PERSON. When you order this artwork, please buy as many items as you want persons to be painted. (In the first shown case - 3 items). You can choose between drawing several people on one board together or on separate ones. It will cost the same. 
We welcome custom orders with themed backgrounds and personalized details added. Please message us to discuss what you have in mind! Additional charge will apply when ordering accessories or background to be added.