Friday, February 6, 2015

I would like to start with announcing that Victor and I, those two artists whose blog you are reading at the moment, are moving out of Los Angeles, CA to Orlando, FL. We used to live there for a year after we got married, but then decided to go to live with Victor's family in California, Universe knows why. I mean, I like LA for lots of interesting places and businesses, for somewhat cold winter (in comparison with FL), for museums and education it gave me, as well as many great friends and family who we are sadly leaving now. However, we are very excited to go back to this holiday state where people are easy-going, less pretentious and just pure happy! We miss those beaches where you can actually enjoy swimming and tanning, those green grass dog parks where our babies are not getting dust all over them, that slightly cheaper rent that offers resort-level lifestyle for a good price.
We have a month for getting all things done here, and a little stressed, because we still have screen-printing fundraiser project awaiting ahead, and lots of old artwork needing to be sold, but it's all good! If you are interested in buying something made by us, ordering a caricature or a portrait in any technique, we are ready right now! Our eBay store and Etsy store are awaiting you! We take custom orders, ship art ourselves and soon will have screen-printing equipment for sale as well.
I'm not just mentioning it to promote Moloriki, but because not many people realize how much artists depend on stable sales. I have so many people watching our artwork on eBay for weeks, and they still don't buy it. We are very reasonable with our prices, but it's just kind of annoying to see someone watching me getting desperate trying to sell art and reducing and reducing the price, so they finally bid on it or offer their price, and sometimes not at all. I know that there are different reasons why people watch art on eBay, Etsy and never buy it, but I am sitting here online trying to promote it various ways instead of creating something new and beautiful for others to enjoy, and sometimes I question my choices. I am not good at marketing, sales, I suck at this... and I am still learning to do good art, but how can I live (even in FL) if I don't sell my own artwork?! Every artist asks themselves this question at some point and answers it somehow, but we found that if you want to make art and be called an artist, you need to learn skills outside your profession and keep going even if you feel like giving up. Believe me, both Vic and I gave up many times by deciding to have "a normal job", but only now that I'm selling art online, manage our business, I feel happier than ever! It doesn't mean that things don't piss me off sometimes in my job, but you are about to find out all advantages and disadvantages of artist profession here, so stay tuned!
Mermaid, done by Victor Payes, 2015. Acrylic on illustration board, 10"x10"

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