Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Day, naturalization interview and stress!

This week is starting really intense for me! Yesterday night someone bought the Nude Torso picture of which I just posted previously. So today morning I was busy packing and preparing shipments for our clients. I always feel a little sad giving away or selling the artwork I love. But I think it should be this way, because otherwise I didn't create something worthy of my feelings, and that's just wrong. So, I said good-bye and let go.
The other news is that I just finally got the letter for an interview for my citizenship. However, I probably will need to reschedule, since Vic and I will be in Florida by that time. I am totally ready and cannot wait to become an American, but in my heart I will always belong to Russian culture.
Another event this weekend is Valentine's day, and we are offering this great little cheap caricature gift to everyone who loves or is loved - secretly I am hoping to get one from my hubby, but by the result we will find out whether he reads our own blog or not:

 Happy Love Day to you this Saturday! Appreciate every little emotion you share, every little heartbeat spent together, because you never know when the next one is going to happen, if ever! Even if you are angry with each other, real love would never let go of you, and you will still sip his tea before giving it to him to know it's sweet enough and not too hot to drink.

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