Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today I spent a day with my husband's volleyball team in the John Marshall High school. It's his first year coaching as a head coach and he is so dedicated. We are trying to make a plan of mental training for the girls so it wouldn't stop them from playing during the games. Attitude is so important for them and so much depends on it.
Also, of the news, I got my painting and a drawing back from a student gallery at LAVC after their displaying it last and the beginning of this semester. I also got a note from my professor C. Bishop that somebody wants me to paint their portrait. I am so excited that I start getting orders for portraits. My husband and I have a business drawing caricatures and portraits ( but so far we have only got the orders for custom caricatures or a party caricature artist who comes and draws guests at our clients' party. Portraits weren't so popular so far until I started using paint instead of pastels. Now I really feel I am comfortable with this medium and ready to paint!

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