Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I spend first part of the day painting like I promised to myself. It was partially frustrating because when I compare my painting with the ones from the books it is still a long way to me to compete with them! ))) But I know I am getting there. In an hour I will go to my watercolor class and find out what everybody thinks about them but I want to show you first.

This weird thing is some kind of seed from a palm tree.

This one is painted on a mat board which proved to be pretty interesting.

The idea is to paint the details of an object from nature.

These are miniature roses that dried out and were very poetic.

The more I look for examples of the work in the books the more I improve. It didn't really help me when I was painting in acrylics but now it's very useful for some reason.
Good luck to me! )))