Sunday, September 18, 2011

So my friend approved my sketch and now I can start painting! I only took one painting class so far, it was intro to painting with acrylic paints last semester. I enjoyed it immensely and improved so much that I feel pretty confident painting in acrylics now. The Art department in LAVC where I take classes is amazing. I respect out art instructors and learn from them so much. This semester, unfortunately, I only take a Watercolor painting class but I hope it is enough to keep me "alive" until spring when I am planning to take mostly art classes.
I got into art very late although I was always in love with it. When I was a child I wanted to become a poet. Then I took seven years of musical education. Then I was planning to become an actress and a theatrical critic. And while I had these dreams I was studying computer science in economics and a professional translation in a Russian university - the South Ural State University. Then the unexpected event happened - I went to the US for a summer student program and fell in love with an American guy. In a year and a half we made me a fiance visa and moved to Orlando, FL. Unfortunately, I didn't finish my Russian education, so I didn't know what to do on a new land. And I started drawing. I was drawing while spending time in the park where my husband worked as a caricature artist. His boss noticed my fast improvement and invited me to work as an artist as well. I agreed. That's how it all started.
Now I feel that I made a right choice by changing my major and doing what I really love. I have unlimited  possibilities while I am drawing, I can feel it! I know I have a lot of difficulties ahead of me but I am sure that I can overcome them just because what I do is right and good.

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