Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello there!
I was so busy doing things today that I almost forgot to share my news of the days with you. My husband's volleyball varsity team is going to a tournament tomorrow. He just accepted a very talented girl from a junior varsity team to a varsity one and we had another girl go away from the team so she left her jersey with her last name. I was going to help my husband to put the name of the new girl instead of the old one, so we went to buy the fabric to cover it up and I was going to paint the new name on the piece of it and sew it to the jersey. My hubby wrote the name "Nunes" on the paper and went to practice with girls. I spend a few hours to go what I planned and it came out almost perfectly. When my husband came back he was really impressed by my work and praised me but then.... he noticed that I wrote "Nunes" and realized it should be "Nunez" instead. ))) He was trying to scratch it off, suggested to cover it again.... poor guy! What is hilarious about it is that he is a very educated and attentive man, but it's his second time in his coaching career that he misspells words. The first time was when he made an amazing caricature of the team in the end of previous season and he put "volleball" on it. We only noticed it when he gave about thirty copies of it to the girls and they told us that the word is wrong!
Well, at least he is talented! )))

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