Monday, October 3, 2011

Good day to you all!!! My blog's statistics shows that I have visitors who find my blog interesting and read it from the countries all over the world! So follow me!

Last weekend was interesting. The biggest news is that I am officially looking for the flight tickets to go to Russia right after Christmas and right before the New Year Eve to visit my family and friends and get some fresh frozen fluffy snow all over me!!! If I can find a good deal and go for it, it will be the first time I travel away from my hubby who is staying here, hopefully to do his gorgeous coaching of two club teams. We didn't leave each other for four years and it will be very hard for me to go by myself. But I am sure that it is going be ok and we both will enjoy communicating through Skype and AOL messenger the way we did when we just met.

On Sunday we went to buy groceries to Alhambra and found this amazing huge Asian supermarket 168 where food is very fresh and cheap. We actually prefer going to shop in Asian markets - you can always be sure to get the best food. We got some sushi grade salmon and tuna and made some nigiri and sashimi for dinner. Not far from that place there is also a great Vietnamese restaurant where they have the best banh-mi sandwiches and a traditional soup called Pho! It is very cheap and very delicious! So we got some of that as well! ))) We might not seem like eating a lot, but we do love eating and cooking!! It is particularly my passion, because of which I sometimes get in trouble. My mother-in-law occasionally exploits me for making some food for her church or school where she works. Last week my hubby and I were making the traditional apple pie that none of us ever made before! It was a lot of nerves spent and a lot of frustration expressed but in the end it turned out unexpectedly delicious and very similar to the actual traditional apple pie! I know, I know, some day I will bring it to school.. maybe.. )))

Finally, I spent some time painting again. Here is the result. I feel I am getting there, I start to feel watercolor better and find the ways to handle it!

This is that painting I did when we went to the Forever cemetery last week. 

I painted this one from the photo. Big difference.



  1. Thank you Professor! I start to like it as well! If your artistic eye catches some mistakes, please tell me! I am eager to improve!