Saturday, October 15, 2011

While I am waiting for my parents in Skype, which is our every week's tradition for several years, I decided to write here something. I just want to say that I know myself perfectly in times of painting and being disappointed and discouraged but I also know that I just have to keep going. I spent all day painting the portrait and I slowly move towards its "ok" look so I could at least post the pictures here, but I guess it will not happen at least until tomorrow... Everything looks wrong right now and I am trying to push myself to keep going and not feel too bad because I know that at some point I will be satisfied and encouraged to put finishing details on it and make it look awesome, I really mean awesome. I need to make this portrait the best I have ever made and I will not come down until it looks gorgeous.
I am sitting at home all day alone and feel like an outcast. I think it is my husband's responsibility to take me out somewhere tomorrow, or I will be very mad!!! Hope you will read it before tomorrow ends, Victor! )))
To the rest of you, have a great Sunday!!!

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