Friday, October 21, 2011

I am starting to draw a portrait of the first of my friend's nephews. I will try to photograph the process and put it out here. This blog was originally created for this purpose. I am a little excited, very nervous and tiny bit negative about painting with pastel again. I used to use pastel as one of the first color mediums for my artwork and never got absolutely amazing at it, but got very tired of it. I just hope that today is one of these days when everything is going to be easy and right from the start. I guess I just need some inspiring music. How about Danny Elfman and Hanz Zimmer? I love these two composers, and it might sound strange that I listen to soundtracks to movies, but I think their music is a real art, fine art that compliments other kind of art without being too obvious. I keep re-watching The Sherlock Holmes mostly because of Zimmer's soundtracks!

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