Monday, October 17, 2011

What a day! I just got two more orders for a caricature and a portrait to make by the end of the month! How will I ever make time to spend on my big wonderful acrylic painting!? I love it and hate it so much! I hate that so far I could not make it as great as I imagined but I love it because I know that once I am done and when I am finally done, it will look amazing. New week starts as I am writing this... Time slowly moves forward while I am sitting in the place...
Shocked by the Sodium Laureth Sulfate's dangerous effects I decided to find the natural shampoo. First, as a true Russian, I found the folk Russian recipe of shampoo: egg yolk and a tablespoon of brandy. Of course, it did not foam, and the smell was first very strong because of the alcohol, then because of an egg. But the result was impressive: I now have shiny, healthy looking hair. The smell stayed though. So I went to Target and got Sulfate-free Loreal shampoo which does not have the dangerous ingredient but it has some other scary ingredients that contain sulfoacetate, sodium and lauryl and laureth words in them in different combinations. Well, I will try it and decide whether I should continue with the yolk or keep looking for a more civilized kind of a natural shampoo.

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  1. YEAY!!!!! No more SLS! all of those other ingredients have the same stuff... you need to go to another store, not Target. Like Whole Foods or Sprouts or Trader Joe's. I think TJ's is the cheapest.