Friday, October 28, 2011

I just realized that I will have to go to English class on the evening of our fourth wedding anniversary. I am not hinting at anything and I do not like to miss classes, but I hate when something like that happens. Well, I guess we will have to celebrate it before AND after the class! :-)
Every year when the time is coming to the celebration of our wedding anniversary, our families and we are a little confused when to actually celebrate. It is because we officially got married on the seventh of November, 2007, in Orlando, FL, but then we flew to LA and had a wedding ceremony and reception for our families on the seventeenth of November, 2007. For our relatives the last date seems to be more appropriate for congratulations, but we just usually congratulate each other twice. Another reason not to be sad about the Monday bad timing! :-)
I was writing the naturalism essay today, and while I was researching about this type of literature, I found out that a lot of artists and writers who I know and like were using this style in their art. It is very impressive and seems close to what I want to be doing in terms of art. It is interesting for me how people get affected by outside uncontrollable forces or even other people and how they take it. It might be my own very loose interpretation of naturalism mixed with romanticism, determinism and realism, but it works for me when I try to realize what my painting should be saying to viewers.
I have three days of art starting tonight, and I am planning to move quickly and effectively to do everything that I planned.
Oh, I also need to finish reading LMNOP, as I call it. I really thought it was called this way when you announced it for the first time! haha!
Have a great weekend!

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