Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What an amazing day!

What a great evening! I went to Carter Sexton art store with my watercolor class today. The people at the store were so hospitable and nice to all of us. They had a watercolor art exhibition in the store, so we went there to see how other artists can paint and to enjoy some pizza :-) . The art really impressed me: miniature paintings were displayed. The details on them were so perfect and the techniques were new to me.
I also met a friend who works there now, Jeremy. We used to work together as caricature artists in Universal Studios Park in Hollywood. It was so nice to see him to be happy to work there and making his dream of becoming a freelance artist come true. I applied to work there as well because the place seems to have a special artistic atmosphere that can help me get into art even more. Hopefully I am good enough for them.
The day went so well and now I have to do some laundry and enjoy the beer that my friend stuck into my purse while we were in the store so we could drink it with my hubby at home later! Thank you Elaine!

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