Monday, October 10, 2011

Nice day it was!!! I enjoy going to English class, it makes me relaxed and happy especially after nasty thoughts about my financial situation. After I booked my flight ticket last week the company charged my credit card several times and now I have difficulty getting them to solve this problem. Well, there is not a good beginning to this journey, but I don't want to be superstitious.
I am reading the political science textbook and today I started a chapter on media coverage of politics. God, it feels like even though there is freedom of speech in this country, there is also always propaganda, agenda setting, etc. that both media and politicians are managing. That is very sad.
On a bright side of today, my husband's volleyball team finally won the games with Lincoln High School.  I am so proud of girls and my hubby! It was not easy for them, the other team was very strong, but they managed to do it, and I want to congratulate them. John Marshall High School volleyball girls rule!

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