Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yesterday all evening until about one in the morning and today for a little more I was cutting my dog's hair! She is a Cocker Spaniel, and her hair grows so fast. My husband and I decided not to take her to  a groomer this time, because it is usually pretty expensive, and most groomers we had shaved Zoey too close to her skin, and it bugged her a lot. So, I decided that I can do it myself and started. I used my hubby's hair cutting machine, but Zoey just hated every moment of it. In the end, I was exhausted, Zoey was half-dead, and we went to sleep to continue today. I just want to say - I respect groomers so much now! I do not know how they handle poor animals that probably try to run away from them, and I imagine that they might hurt pets a little, but so did I to my poor little puppy. I just think they know how to do it less and much faster. So, next time we are going to Petsmart for a full grooming service.
Here is the result of the torture:

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