Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Today I feel a little anxious and my head is going around because I have just bought the tickets to Russia!
I felt the nostalgia for my country for a long time. It's strange that the more I live in the US the more often I feel the need to go to Russia. Last time my husband and I went there last winter and it turned out worse that I dreamed about it.
The very first misadventure happened on the day when we were supposed to fly from LAX to Moscow to  then catch a flight to my city called Chelyabinsk. Long story short, I had two Russian passports in the document drawer - one was expired and another one was new. It turned out that I took an expired one and we found out about it only when in the LAX at flight registration a lady asked if I had a new passport, which fist made me shocked, then made me desperate, then afraid of losing the tickets, etc. It was the worst mistake I did in my life. We ended up paying a few extra hundreds dollars to change the tickets to fly in two days. Another big failure was that it was all happening on Christmas Eve and we were supposed to be in Russian by then to celebrate my grandmother's birthday and we missed everything.
When we finally got to Russia, time went so fast. We spent there a month, but it flew by in an instant. In the middle of January I got poisoned and it was another horrible experience. 
I have never been so sick before, but this time I even passed out on the floor in the bathroom and amazing things started happening to me. I felt that everything is getting dark, my ears closed and I could barely hear anything, I couldn't keep my eyes opened, and I could only hear my mom yelling to my dad "Should we call the emergency?"
When I heard it, this phrase made me get all my consciousness together and wake up! My family were very frightened but I convinced them not to call for doctor because I felt much better. They gave me hot sweet tea which was the most delicious tea I have ever drunk. It gave me strength immediately. We never realized what caused poisoning.
The month passed by and we left at night after my other grandmother's birthday. I felt very sad and unsatisfied by our trip. That's why I hope that now that I go there for a little longer and by myself I will have more time with my family and friends and enjoy it to the fullest!

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