Wednesday, October 26, 2011

GMO or GM foods

Before I came to the US, I heard a lot of Russians telling me that food in the U.S. does not taste the same as Russian food. They were even saying that they asked their family and friends to send them food from Russia, so they could enjoy the real taste for once. When I came to live here, I realized how right they were.
I read some articles about GMO, and as I understood, we are now exposed to it mostly if we are shopping in big supermarkets and go for processed food. I prefer shopping in Asian or Armenian stores, because there is a huge difference in the quality of vegetables and fruits they and other supermarkets sell. The food from these markets actually has taste! My husband and I often have big discussions concerning how the certain fruit should look and taste. He likes perfectly looking peaches and plums, that give him a crunch when he bites them. I like soft imperfect fruits that my husband calls spoilt. Mine taste like in childhood, they are juicy and smell good. His do not smell at all. This difference in our perceptions of food tells me one thing: our cultures are developed in completely different conditions, and one of them is the businesses' desire to increase the selling qualities of the products no matter what. I feel sad about this issue, because it makes me think that I am not enjoying my life to the fullest. The reason is that some guy wants his crops to be presentable and sellable even if he scarifies the flavor and the smell of his product. I am not even talking about the scientists' lack of clarity on the effects on health the GM food can cause. I am just talking about that bad bad quality stuff that we consume like pigs or cows not thinking about the respect that the GM food manufacturers do not give us. Another issue about the GMO is that it is getting harder and harder to find natural products in the stores. The Whole Foods store admits that they sell GMO too.
That is why I am growing my strawberries and herbs on the backyard and hope to expand my garden with time. Of course, I have a lot of pests that like to harvest my strawberries before I do, but it is worth growing vegetables and fruits yourself, if they taste good and definitely good for you.

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