Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OMG! I am waiting for my client to approve the last version (of maybe three of them) of the caricature I finished coloring today. It is always so nerve-racking to wait for a reply and not know whether the clint likes it or they would want some changes that I cannot make. I guess, working with people is always that way. But it just makes me feel that I do not want to do art according to the requests of clients. Instead, I want people to choose my art because of how it looks and not try to add their stuff in it. I have been working with people's requests from day one of my art career, when I started as a caricature artist in CityWalk, Orlando, FL. I met a lot of different kinds of people with crazy stuff to request. There were some really funny and nice people as well.
For example, one day a young lady came and said that she wants me to make her caricature for the invitations to the party her friends are throwing honoring her as a medical university graduate. She said they told her to make photos of herself, but she hates taking photos, so she decided to get a caricature instead. She seemed very nervous and asked if she could get a Margarita before I start drawing her. She did and became very happy and joyful! While I was drawing her, we were talking about her degree and other stuff. She told me that she has a Russian friend who introduced her to Russian cuisine, and now she is a big fan of it. I even promised to send her a recipe of the Russian dish we were talking about. Unfortunately, I lost her e-mail address. But it was very nice to have such an interesting client. She made my day!
Well, I got approved for the last version of the caricature!!! I will post it on Sunday just in case if my client's boyfriend searches the Internet for "Frank and Brittany."( period before quotation mark!) Now, I have to start the pastel portraits of my friend's two nephews. When am I going to continue my beautiful acrylic portrait again!?

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