Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hello! I stayed at home today to keep working on the portraits, because my friend wanted me to correct the second one a little. I am very happy with them, and now she seems happy as well. I cannot wait to go to Russia and give the originals to her in person.
I am a little disappointed that I will probably not be taking any classes at winter while I am in Russia. Last year, when I went there, I took two online classes in LAVC, and, although it was very difficult to study and spend quality time with my family, I managed to enjoy my time in Russia and get two As in the end of that short semester. Now it seems that LAVC is spending money more on useless reconstruction of parking lots, new library and administrative buildings instead of actually educating its students, which is supposed to be its primary purpose. I do not even know anymore if I want to continue education just to get the degree. I see so many older people who attend the art classes with me, who have bachelors degrees in arts, and they are barely better than me right now. I would rather try to attend separate classes in different private and non-acredited schools to get really good. Instead of getting the degree and working in the art field as an employee for some gallery, design company, or I do not know what, I would rather be who I honestly want to be - the free artist who is able to support her living through the paintings she makes. I know that it sounds a little childish, but I am a dreamer, and I guess I feel much younger than I am, so it fits me and can work! The traditional way my family and the family of my husband earn money is pressing on me though. I know that they do not consider our business important or even real. When I told my parents last Saturday that I am making paintings for my friends, they were surprised to find out that I have actually charged them. Surgeons do not do surgeries for free, teachers do not usually teach for free, I hope, everybody wants to eat, even us, artists, who might as well, on most people's opinion, consume soul food.

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