Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Today I spent all day painting my watercolor experiment project and I want to say: it sucks!
I get too carried away with pretty much unlimited possibilities... and lose the essence of the artwork with its objects and shapes. Art has almost never been so hard for me. 
Yesterday I drew a caricature for our client for her and her boyfriend's anniversary. It came out very nice and now either my hubby or I will just need to color it. I noticed that many people try to get a caricature gift as a last idea before the event, that is why we have to work fast and efficient to give them a gift on time. I do not mind, in fact, I think it is better because it also keeps the client responding faster, and we get the job done quicker.
Well, it is time to go to the watercolor class and show my "masterpiece" to all my classmates and my professor. I just wish I did not have to.

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