Friday, October 7, 2011

I finally started painting the portrait for my friend because I decided it is cruel to make the girl wait for a month for the time when my muse will finally come. It kinda appeared yesterday and said "Common, Masha, you cannot be so lazy!!"... and I just made a first wash to give the canvas some color. I am waiting until it is dry to make a sketch to help me set up features.
A lot of my friends ask me to make them a T-shirt with my design on it when they find out that I am doing it now. So what design should I make? I love the "girls" theme. My favourite artist is Alphonse Maria Mucha who was one of the kind master. People consider him to be the Art Nouveau artist although he denied being connected with this movement during his life. His artwork is exceptional. It is just pure perfection. He showed women in his posters and paintings as goddesses, fragile and gentle creatures who are admired by everyone who looks at them. He used a lot of nature motives and ornaments in his art as well. I constantly get inspired by his artwork, every time I have to work on a new big project I look at his art and get in the mood. I would like to express the best features that a true woman would have both in my art and in my life. In the same time I feel that I am not finding the essence of these features but I am copying them visually. I have to get deeper in it. Music seems to help me a lot to feel the art through and feel what concept I want to put in the painting or drawing. I have a playlist of old and new songs that I put on random choice playing and with every song my mood changes. The last artist I discovered thanks to my friend is a French girl with nickname Zaz. I just love her song "Je Veux". It fills me up with love and joy! Just listen to it!!! I believe the place where she sings the song is Montmartre, the place that connects the artists I love!

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