Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yesterday you, Professor Oberman, said you teach art in school as well. It's interesting for me to find out what art appreciation ideas you have.
I mean, I have met people who say that it's great to make art as long as you are happy, like the art therapy, it doesn't mean that your art will be good, but just do it just to improve your creativity. I can see how this ideology applied in LAVC in some art classes. I met people who create the artwork that seems done without effort, talent and skills. I don't understand why they would go to school and be encouraged to do that same art professionally and not try to change it pretty much.
There are few people like me, though, who, I guess, are traditionalists. We believe that it's not good to call a bad artwork good. I don't mean by the bad artwork the one I don't like. I mean the one that doesn't have good composition, color pallet, concept, and most of all, done without effort. It's cheating to me. I am supposed to look at it and admire or try to find "something" about it when the artist themselves didn't even put this idea in their art. What am I supposed to find there then? So people like me try to grasp the art knowledge, they apply traditional art techniques, get usually good at it first, and only then start experimenting and creating something unique. I think it's more honest and valuable to create art with effort and skill and not just with emotions because everybody has emotions but only people with skills and talent can interpret and express them beautifully.

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  1. Yes, I have been teaching high school art for the past 9 years. Art is subjective and everyone has an opinion. I love taking my young students to art museums and hearing them say "this sucks!" or "I can do THAT!" I always explain that; this was the first person to do that (like Jackson Pollock and his splatter paint), or I explain that the definition of art is what the artist makes it. If someone calls it art, then it is art. Creative and subjective. It is all very interesting.

    I personally just love the creative side of human beings, which is why I have my college degrees in art and English. (Both are creative)