Monday, September 26, 2011

Very inspired today!

It's a new week and as it usually happens I am making great plans for the next several days. I have so much to do and by the end of week I always feel so exhausted to do anything extra that I give myself a break! But not this week! I promise! 
First of all, I feel that it's time to start losing that weight I gained in the end of last semester. So inspired by my husband who lost LOTS of weight during this summer by just skipping on one thing, I will stop eating sugar. I believe this is the video that changed his mind about sugar - Of course, I will give myself a couple of easy days by eating honey instead, but this time I am really serious - I want to be healthy.
Another thing I want to start is to paint again. Not just intensively painting for my watercolor class like I did before. I want to paint my orders, paint for myself, paint for my portfolio. Watercolor is so difficult for me. I never had such problems with any other media, even the airbrush. I feel a little frustrated but I am trying to get some books and learn what other artist do to make it look right.
Oh yeah, and I finally have to get my dog washed and trimmed. My poor "puppy" (who is an almost 4-year old Cocker Spaniel girl) is looking so sad these days - she only sleeps and, well, goes out for a couple of minutes to the back and front yard. I can tell her itching and scratching is annoying her as much as us and her ears bug her a lot, so we have to take care of it.

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