Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hello! I spent my day shopping at my favorite TJ Max and then watching a play-off game in the Eagle Rock High School with my husband and the girl from his team, Sandra. It was really pleasant finally to get out of the house and enjoy doing things for myself. I think everybody needs to do it for themselves once in a while, but as often as possible. Otherwise, life does not have meaning.
I keep thinking on the idea for the T-shirts that I have already promised to a bunch of people. Now I have got a new reason to make it. In the Art club in LAVC they make an art contest, and the theme is "Day and Night: Contradictions." I remember being in this theme for a while when I was a teen, so I feel I need to submit something this time again! I always participate in college art contests, but I never win; it is my fate. Anyway, I am thinking to submit an artwork on a T-shirt with my new design instead of drawing it on paper, canvas or making a sculpture. First of all, it is a new thing for me, and it seems pretty interesting to work on the T-shirt design. Second, I can make a great beautiful picture and print it on my friends' shirt as well. The only stuff I have to do now is to think of a great design and make a screen for it.  It has to be something great and strong, so I could have a real opportunity to win the contest and so  my friends would want to wear it too! Good luck to me!

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