Monday, November 21, 2011

Yesterday I read my horoscope for a week. It said it is going to be a hard week with lots of little problems. Today I really started feeling that! I am still trying to finish my T-shirt design project for an art contest at our college. But things are getting complicated and to long to do. I hope tonight, after class, I will be finally able to finish it and keep doing my homework that I have not touched in days...
It feels a little sad that this semester is coming to an end, I like studying. At the same time, there are still so many tasks to complete that I am getting panic attacks when I think about it.
Here is my design I was working on for several days. It is not exactly how my T-shirt is going to look, but I wish it looked this way. There is, however, a little fault, that I forgot to fix, so it is closer to what I am expecting as a final product! )))

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