Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I am in the cooking mode and mood today! Inspired by the pesto sauce pasta that we consumed in huge amounts in Italy, I made my own pesto sauce with basil, dill and garlic, which turned out perfect. I am also baking the cookies that are called "Kurabiye" in Russian, although I suppose this sugar cookie recipe comes from some southern country. I was always too lazy to look it up, but now that I did (this blog is amazing, it makes me lazier each day!) I guess the recipes of this cookie come from such countries as Turkey, Greece and Southern Russia. In the end, it is just a plain sugar cookie that in my city in Russia is always decorated with a bit of jam in the middle, so it looks like a lovely flower. Mine do not look as good, but I bet they will taste amazing tonight!
I messed up on my homework for my Cultural Anthropology class, and I do not think I did the test very well, but it made me read what I guess I was supposed to be reading for a few weeks now. The book is about an African tribe called !Kung. I guess the exclamation mark is the symbol the author used for a special throat sound that people of this tribe use in their communication. The book seems so amazing so far. It is written by a female anthropologist about the women's lives in the tribe with all the details of their sexual development, marriage patterns and norms and rearing children. It is so interesting how opened and personal the women of the tribe are, how situations when they think about killing a new-born to be able to nurse their youngest daughter or when they talk about the sexual games that they children perform are coming alive due to their colorful and sincere stories.
Some days I do not really have anything to say and some days I have my thoughts just appearing here with ease. I am going to watch this reality show they have on Bravo channel, the Work of Art. I have a lot to say about it, so I will save it till tomorrow, when my point of view is going to be refreshened by a new episode. Good night!