Thursday, November 3, 2011

I just looked through the schedule for Spring 2012 at LAVC... Well, I really do not know what to do about my education. The classes I want to take are all over the place with their weird times and amount of units. Also, I do not really know who to ask about a very very important question: I have an undergraduate incomplete education diploma from Russia and I do not know if it will make me have no financial aid if I turn it in to LAVC for transferring the units. I had been studying there full time for four years majoring computer science, but I have never completed the final year and the final project of the course, which is a requirement for the graduation in Russia. I just do not know if I will ruin everything bringing it to the school, but now I have to retake all these silly boring general education classes that I have already taken back in Russia in a much better university. I am trying to avoid them by taking something new for me like English, Argumentation and Anthropology classes, but I am running out of my options here! I do not know if I should talk about it with a counselor because then the college will be aware of my previous education and might refuse helping me financially. I just do not know...
As for an Art show I was watching last evening, as I expected they kicked out the artist with a broad imagination instead of an idiot whose artwork sucks. In fact, he even calls himself "sucklord", and proves it every time, but one of the organizers of the show likes him for some reason, and they always give him a chance. Art is very subjective, but there should be some limits to the weirdness of logic of people's judgment when the artist's destiny is being decided.

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