Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nothing really special today. I woke up very mad at my political science professor, because last night before I went to sleep, I read his response to my message. I wrote him because he was supposed to either put out the new chapter to read or to let us go this week without it as we already have another assignment sue the end of the week, but he he just put out the quiz for the chapter that was supposed to be opened only in a week. He responded me as if I was a bad student or someone who wants not to have a homework and pretty much avoided saying that it was his fault or that he forgot. Now I have to put reading of a new chapter in my plans somewhere between tomorrow and celebrating my wedding anniversary for real this time. Ugh!
On the other hand, the day was not too bad, because my art professor told me she wants to try to put my Russia inspired artwork up for a Student show.

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