Monday, November 14, 2011

I finally had some free time today after working on my homework all weekend last week, so my hubby and I went to buy me a portfolio in Blick Art store. My professor asked me to bring all my portfolios from the classes I took with her in previous semesters, so she could take it to some "meeting." Sounds really nice, and I was, of course, very flattered, so I got another portfolio to put all my artwork there.
After, we decided to go to our traditional shopping trip: I go to a clothing store or something like that, and my husband goes to Barnes&Nobles. I went to a Kmart, which has completely discouraged my not only from Christmas shopping there, but from shopping there at any other time. I noticed that the stores that I visited when I just moved to the U.S. are becoming too expensive to shop. Before, I went to such stores as Payless Shoes, Target, and Kmart a lot because they were cheap, and although the quality was matching the price, I was satisfied. But now that the prices there are going up so shamelessly with the quality staying bad, I just do not see the reason to come back. Instead, like a crazy coupon freak, I browse the Internet in search of the coupons on the products I like to make their price not so offensive to my wallet. It does actually help a lot, and I am hoping to be able to save during Thanksgiving sales, because I still have a very long shopping list of things I need to buy for my Russian relatives and friends. Thanks God, I love shopping!


  1. Coupons are heaven sent :) You can also go online to find deals, from the stores too. You can print out coupons sometimes. GOOGLE is my best friend!!

  2. Oh, I did not know that you could get the coupons through Google. I usually just go to the websites of the stores. I will try to use Google next time! )))